Schuman Program

Fulbright awards scholarships to U.S. citizens to study, lecture or conduct research in the EU on the development of the EU, EU affairs, or the U.S.- EU transatlantic agenda for a period between 3 months and one academic year. Grants are open to all academic fields of study, but must relate to U.S.- EU relations or EU affairs. Proposals are considered both from candidates who plan to be based primarily in one member state as well as candidates who will divide their time between host institutions in two or more EU member states. The following specializations are not an exhaustive list, but are intended to be indicative of the specializations encouraged for application to the Fulbright Schuman Award: international relations, diplomacy, internal/external security, peace-keeping, information sharing, social policy, public administration higher education mobility policy, finance, trade, human rights, agricultural and environmental policies (including response to climate change), migration, asylum policies, human trafficking, development, immigration, and EU enlargement. The Fulbright Schuman Program is administered by the Fulbright Commission in Belgium.

Based on their current academic status or professional experience, candidates considering Slovakia as one of the host countries can choose from 3 types of awards:

  • Study/Research Grants for Students
  • General Research Grants for Visiting Scholars
  • Innovation Awards

Eligibility criteria

Grant Benefits


Up to €3,000 per month for Ph.D. holders and up to €2,000 for students (USD equivalent)

Travel stipend

€2,000 (USD equivalent)


Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges covering basic healthcare (supplemental private insurance highly recommended)

Participation in one-week EU-NATO Seminar in Brussels and Luxembourg

How to apply

Candidates are required to submit an online application. There is no need to send any documents to the Commission.

Application must include: CV, Study/ Research Objectives /Project Statement, 3 letters of reference, Affiliation letter from an accredited EU university, professional institution or independent research center.

The application form is designed for the whole Fulbright Program worldwide. Please make sure to choose the European Union as the Program Country.

Online application for each category is different. Please read more information here.


Application periods for students and scholars differ. Generally, the cycle opens in spring and closes between August and October. Candidates should bear in mind that they need to submit their application approximately one year prior to the start date of their grant period.

Application flow

March - October

Application cycle is open.

November – January

National Screening Committee convened by IIE/CIES to review applications and recommend candidates for final consideration by the Fulbright Commission in Belgium.


Recommended candidates are contacted by the Fulbright Commission in Belgium and interviewed via Skype. Selected candidates are informed of the results of the selection.


Selected candidates are notified of the official approval by the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.


Administrative steps to process visa applications and departure for Slovakia are taken if the grant starts in the fall semester.*

July – August

Visa interviews are conducted for grantees who depart for Slovakia and start their grant in the fall.

* If the grant starts in the spring semester, administrative steps to process visa applications and departure for Slovakia are taken between September and December, and visa interviews are conducted in December and January.


Please visit the website of the Fulbright Commission in Belgium If you have any specific questions, please contact our office at: office@fulbright.sk.